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Crushable Presents: Kyle MacLachlan’s Face, Meme-i-fied

Crushable Presents: Kyle MacLachlan's Face, Meme-i-fied

Did you know that actor Kyle MacLachlan (of Twin Peaks and Portlandia fame) makes wine? I didn’t, so when I saw this Gilt Groupe ad for his sweet, sweet nectar last Friday, I nearly lost my shit. There he was, just peering through the leaves as if to say, “OHAI, Diane. Agent Dale Cooper here. I just made you some delicious wine, NBD, perhaps you’d like to drink it.” It wasn’t long before a few folks on Tumblr turned this ridiculous picture into a meme by ‘shopping him into places where he didn’t belong (OR DID HE?), and we wanted to get in on the fun. I have yet to meet a meme that can’t be improved by his gracefully aging, handsome, wise, wonderful, glorious face. More »

VIDEO: Joan Jett, Kelly Bensimon In Plaid

VIDEO: Joan Jett, Kelly Bensimon In Plaid

The Glenfiddich was flowing at last night’s Dressed to Kilt event, where celebs strutted the runway in plaid and kilts of all designs and styles, there was raucous music, lots of inappropriate lifting of kilts and tons of making out. Among the stars who walked the catwalk were Real Housewife Kelly Bensimon, Kellie Pickler, Mike Myers, gold medal speed skater Shani Davis, Scottish actress Louise Linton, Alan Cumming, Matthew Modine, Kyle MacLachlan and Joan Jett (who brought the house down). More »