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10 Kids’ Movies With Hilarious Parental Guides On IMDb

10 Kids' Movies With Hilarious Parental Guides On IMDb

I don’t know if you know this, but there are these sections on IMDb movie profiles called “Parents Guides” that describe specific parts of the movie in detail that parents might not want their kids to see. It makes sense, since parents obviously want to be sure there’s nothing inappropriate or frightening in a movie their kids want to see. But that doesn’t make them any less hilarious to read. More »

Video Gallery: 8 Kids’ Movies Recut as Horror Films

Video Gallery: 8 Kids' Movies Recut as Horror Films

Despite Dumbo being sold and produced as a movie for children, I was so terrified of that movie that it took years for me to able to look at elephants without freaking out. Turns out that other people agree with me about the potential fear factor of kids’ movies, and plenty of YouTubers have recut trailers for movies like Mary Poppins and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to play up the eerie elements, adding some scary music for effect. More »