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2013′s Most Believable Celebrity Fakelationships

2013's Most Believable Celebrity Fakelationships

I know you’ve all been stressing about what to get me for Christmas, so I wanted to set your minds at ease and tell you what it is I really want: more celebrity fakelationships. There’s nothing I love more in the whole world than a coupla famous people platonically snuggling up to each other in hopes that the internet buys it, so here’s hoping that publicists work just as hard in 2014 as they did in 2013. More »

JoBros Say They Need To Get It Together, And I’ma Need Them To Be More Specific

JoBros Say They Need To Get It Together, And I'ma Need Them To Be More Specific

I cannot take my eyes off of the Jonas Brothers lately. There’s nothing more intriguing to me than what goes on behind closed doors, and considering how tightly shut the Jonas doors are, I couldn’t be closer to the edge of my seat. And now the boys have issued their first statement since beginning this bizarre meltdown, and it creates more questions than it answers. More »