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A Real Dancer’s Take On Bunheads

A Real Dancer's Take On Bunheads

As a former dancer, ABC Family’s new show Bunheads immediately piqued my interest. I watched all the previews and trailers with increased enthusiasm for what looked like a fun drama created by one of my favorite woman in Hollywood, Amy Sherman-Palladino. Seeing that the creator of Gilmore Girls also created this show got my hopes up that Bunheads would feature strong female leads, fast-paced conversation and witty dialogue — all centered around the world of dance. What could be more fun for a former dancer (who still sometimes misses the dance world) to watch?
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“Becky Shaw” Premiere

"Becky Shaw" Premiere

Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore on Gilmore Girls) and Emily Bergl (Chilton’s elite Francie Jarvis in Gilmore Girls) star in the Second Stage production of Gina Gionfriddo’s play, Becky Shaw, directed by Peter DuBois. The play had its opening night on … More »