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10 Music Videos With Celebrity Cameos for When You’re Sick of Katy Perry

10 Music Videos With Celebrity Cameos for When You're Sick of Katy Perry

For everyone who’s enjoying Glee stars Darren Criss and Kevin McHale alongside Crushable’s spirit animal Rebecca Black in Katy Perry’s new video Last Friday Night (and that should be everyone), but needs something new, we have just the thing: more celebs popping up in music videos. But music video cameos are far from a new invention – these classic videos feature some of our all-time favorite random appearances. More »

Maxim Declares Katy Perry Hottest Woman Of 2010
– You can just bet she and Russell Brand are having ecstatic, paint-covered sex in a field full of candy over the news. Sorry Megan Fox, you’ve been bumped to 5th place (it’s the thumb). (Maxim)