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In Honor Of ‘Monte Carlo’, Five More Awesome Mistaken Identity Movies

In Honor Of 'Monte Carlo', Five More Awesome Mistaken Identity Movies

In Monte Carlo, the new Selena Gomez movie, Miss Gomez plays a young Texan who bears a striking resemblance to a wealthy heiress. When a hotel manager mistakes her for Ms Richie Rich, she and her friends (well, stepsister and friend) decide to go with it; hijinks in designer dresses ensue. Plot sound familiar? Even if you’re not ready to sign on for an hour and half of the Biebette’s European adventure, you’ve probably caught a mistaken identity flick at one time or another. More »

Katie Cassidy Kisses Chace Crawford On ‘Gossip Girl’ Set

Katie Cassidy Kisses Chace Crawford On 'Gossip Girl' Set

Spotted: A hot new Gossip Girl hookup! Katie Cassidy - easily the best thing about CW’s meh Melrose Place update – was caught making out with Chace Crawford (aka Nate Archibald) on the set of the equally campy, far superior CW series. Katie is currently filming a multi-episode arc as a Columbia student and love interest for Nate, who’s fresh off a breakup from Serena Van der Woodsen. More »

Selena Gomez Graduates, Twice

Selena Gomez Graduates, Twice

Seventeen-year-old Selena Gomez graduated from high school earlier this week — after recently filming a graduation scene for her upcoming film Monte Carlo — which also star Glee‘s Cory Monteith. Talk about drawing from personal experience! Now that Selena doesn’t … More »