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Video: James Franco and Kalup Linzy’s ‘Rising’ Is a Masterpiece, Maybe

Video: James Franco and Kalup Linzy's 'Rising' Is a Masterpiece, Maybe

Allow me to make a ridiculous statement: I unabashedly love this music video from James Franco and Kalup Linzy and think it totally works. Basically, it’s the vid version of that image your little cousin Photoshopped to post on your Facebook wall, where you’re eating the Leaning Tower of Pisa and a cat’s sitting on your head and also there’s a slice of pizza, because why not? Right? Anyone? No one? Fine. More »

Fan Fiction: A Look at James Franco’s Schedule

Fan Fiction: A Look at James Franco's Schedule

We’ve never been able to understand how James Franco does it. The guy’s an actor, a student, a writer, an artist, and now a musician? Plus he has time to do things like host the Oscars? That’s insane. So we were justifiably confused — until we scored a peek at his planner and saw a sample schedule. Here’s just one day in James Franco’s life: More »

James Franco: ‘Maybe I’m Just Gay’

James Franco: 'Maybe I'm Just Gay'

James “Maybe I’m Just Gay” Franco answered some questions about his role choices in a recent interview for Entertainment Weekly. James “Maybe I’m Just Gay” Franco’s performances have ranged from performing on stage with drag queen Kalup Linzy to playing homosexual characters in Milk and Howl. In addition, James “Maybe I’m Just Gay” Franco also wrote and directed a movie last year for a Tisch class entitled The Feast Of Stephen, about a young boy who has an erotic encounter in the woods with some bullies. However, James “Maybe I’m Just Gay” Franco has always claimed to be straight, and has been dating the same woman , Ahna O’Reilly, for five years. More »