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13 Celebs Who Have Secret Blogs That You Didn’t Know Existed

13 Celebs Who Have Secret Blogs That You Didn't Know Existed

Sure, you’ve heard of the blogs of show-offy celebrities, like Beyoncé’s and Gwyneth Paltrow’s, who blog exclusively to prove how like us they are. But some celebrities do it for the same reason that normal people do, because they like to say opinions in more than 140 characters. Here are the 13 celebrities who run blogs that have managed to fly relatively under the radar for a pretty long time. Who even knows how they did it? More »

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Refuses To Say If He’s Gay Because We Shouldn’t Be Asking

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Refuses To Say If He's Gay Because We Shouldn't Be Asking

Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly daydream-y, I imagine living in a world in which we don’t constantly hound our famous people on their sexual orientation, when we can admit that that particular element of their lives has absolutely nothing to do with their careers. I’m hoping it’s less far off than it seems, but until the moment comes when there isn’t a stigma attached to it, I’m glad we have people like Joseph Gordon-Levitt to help us navigate. More »