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Video Gallery: Kate Gosselin’s Best WTF Moments from TLC’s (Jon and) Kate Plus 8

Video Gallery: Kate Gosselin's Best WTF Moments from TLC's (Jon and) Kate Plus 8

Tonight we finally say goodbye to the Gosselins, as Kate Plus 8 (formerly known as Jon and Kate Plus 8) has its series finale. Although Jon Gosselin proved himself to be a douchebag by cheating, we’ll never see Kate Gosselin as a victim thanks to the hours of shrill, neurotic footage that TLC has collected of her. Whether she’s going all evil clean-freak mother on her poor kids or slapping Jon during confessionals, Kate certainly made her mark on reality TV. More »

What Should Kate Gosselin Do Now That ‘Kate Plus 8′ Has Been Cancelled?

What Should Kate Gosselin Do Now That 'Kate Plus 8' Has Been Cancelled?

In a long-overdue move earlier this week, TLC finally axed Kate Plus 8, and the world rejoiced. But you know who’s probably not rejoicing? Kate Gosselin. Tragedy! However will she take care of her massive ego– er, I mean, her massive brood of children– now? Obviously, it’s time to find a new career. But what should she do next? Well, Kate, we’ve got some ideas for you. Care to take a look? More »

Melissa Etheridge And Wife Tammy Part Ways

Melissa Etheridge And Wife Tammy Part Ways

Melissa Etheridge and her wife, actress Tammy (nee Tammy Lynn Michaels), have split after nine years, two kids and a breast cancer diagnosis. (People)

Kate Hudson made flat chests sexy, but recent photos show that she’s sporting at least an A cup. There’s only a few explanations for that: either she’s gained weight, is pregnant or has had a boob job. Sources suspect the latter. (Us Weekly)

So, Lindsay Lohan missed a deposition yesterday — to shop. (TMZ) More »