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17 Celebrities Who Always Look Like They’re Wearing A Halloween Costume

17 Celebrities Who Always Look Like Theyâre Wearing A Halloween Costume

Some celebrities spend their entire year — nay their entire lives – planning their Halloween costumes. At least I assume that’s what’s happening, because there’s no way that humans would choose to dress like this on an everyday basis for no reason, right? I mean, right?!? I have to believe that there’s a greater purpose or deeper meaning behind these insane fashion choices. More »

9 Hot Celebrities Who Don’t Think They’re Hot

9 Hot Celebrities Who Donât Think Theyâre Hot

Oh, to be a beautiful, famous celebrity. Sometimes people compliment you on being totally hot, and you have to respond. What do you say? You can’t agree wholeheartedly, because then you look cocky. But you also can’t just say a simple “thank you” because then we all turn into Regina George and assume you agree anyway. So you deny it. But then we all roll our eyes and tell you to shut up because LOOK AT YOU. More »

Live, Laugh, Links: Amber Heard Can’t Get A Break From Johnny Depp These Days

Live, Laugh, Links: Amber Heard Can't Get A Break From Johnny Depp These Days

• The author of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Cassandra Clare, cried (yes, cried…) when she visited the movie set and saw the props being used. (Next Movie)

• You love The Muppets too? Then you’ll love these celebrity cameos! (Flavorwire)

• So it’s over? Really? I mean, REALLY guys? Khloe Kardashian is reportedly dee-vorced. (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

• Ever wondered what it’s really like living with breast cancer in your 20s? Felicity Palma describes how she learned to cope with it. (Refinery 29)

• Afraid to commit? Aren’t we all… Here’s some advice to help you stay committed no matter what! (Your Tango)

• Apparently, Johnny Depp kept interrupting Amber Heard during a phone interview. Um, this story is only relevant  if he was speaking in pirate language. (Hollywood Hiccups)

Abigail Breslin looks like an entirely different human being and what is going on with the world?? (The Frisky)

KIm Kardashian and Kanye West want North West’s first baby pics to be featured in Vogue. But Anna Wintour aka Miranda Priestly is like “nope” and we’re like “THANK you, Miranda.” (The Stir)

• I LOVE everything Lizzie McGuire and you should too. Period. (Gurl)

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22 Celebrities Who Make My Fireworks Go Off

22 Celebrities Who Make My Fireworks Go Off

Since I’m positive that we’ve now formed a judgment-free, impenetrable trust circle, I feel comfortable admitting that I’m too terrified to ever handle fireworks (I also am very fond of all ten of my fingers, so there’s that). That’s why my favorite kind of celebrity is the kind who is so smokin’ hot that they could literally set a firework off. Here are the 22 celebrities who make my fireworks go off. Is that a sexual euphemism or do I literally carry around fireworks and ask random celebrities to set them off for me? No one really knows for sure. More »

Live, Laugh, Links: Katy Perry Will Appear In A Film And I Can’t Wait

Live, Laugh, Links: Katy Perry Will Appear In A Film And I Can't Wait

• Apparently Jennifer Lopez sang happy birthday to a dictator. Honestly, “Jenny From the Block” would’ve been a better option. (OK Gorgeous)

• Lessons all divorced parents should know that can be learned from Steve Carrell and Toni Collette in their upcoming film The Way, Way Back.  (Your Tango)

• A keg in the break room at work? I feel like this could be a good and bad thing… (Ladyish)

• I had no idea Katy Perry wanted to be a serious actress. I can’t take anyone seriously who’s always covered in cupcakes and glitter. (ET Online)

• Don’t feel like it’s your fault if you’ve been cheated on! Here’s the truth about that guy who broke your heart.  (Betty Confidential)

• I love Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow even if he was a little over the top. Here are  his most eccentric film roles! (Flavorwire)

• Weight gain and bigger boobs are possibly not consequences of taking birth control. In my case, it’s more than likely due my multiple trips per day to Chipotle.  (The Frisky)

• When I went abroad, I think I only met one of these types of guys. I was more concerned with eating every new food I could get my hands on. (The College Crush)

• Sex advice for deciding on whether to wait until marriage or not!  (Gurl)

• We all want to look beach ready this summer and having unwanted cellulite makes anyone run screaming from bathing suits. No worries! Here are some ways to look good in your bikini. (Chick RX)

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Johnny Depp Just Got Trampled By A Horse, No Big Deal

Johnny Depp Just Got Trampled By A Horse, No Big Deal

Johnny Depp just definitively proved that horses hate racism. Stop, wait. Yes, I will explain that sentence, but let’s all allow it to marinate for a minute first, because those are not words I thought I ever would say. It’s just that I was watching this behind-the-scenes featurette for The Lone Ranger just now, and it’s chock full of symbolism and whatnot. There have always been rumors and whispers (and full-on shouts) that this movie is gonna be racist towards Native Americans, but this is the first time I’ve seen a horse get involved in the debate. Actually, now that I think of it, it’s the first time I’ve seen a horse get involved in any debate. More »