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Stay At Home Daughters: Hiding From The School, But Not The Internet?

Stay At Home Daughters: Hiding From The School, But Not The Internet?

For those of you tired of having to support yourself in the workforce, we just learned of a new movement called the “Stay At Home Daughters” movement. It involves quitting your job, staying home and learning how to be a good wife. And listening to whatever your dad tells you to do until you get married and your husband takes over your life. Crap! There’s always a catch, isn’t there?

Looks like we won’t be quitting our day jobs. But Bitch magazine has a very interesting profile of the Stay at Home Daughters movement, which encourages young women to refrain from school and learn how to be “keepers at home.” Which mostly means supporting their fathers in anticipation of their lives as wives and mothers.

Interestingly, they’ve taken to the internet with their beliefs, through blogs, YouTube videos and audio tapes. More »

American Apparel’s Maternity Line is Cramazing!

American Apparel's Maternity Line is Cramazing!

We were just browsing through American Apparel’s online samplings the other day (as we are wont to do) when he happened upon a section called “Maternity.” For real? Dov Charney is now marketing to knocked up hipsters? The photos seem to suggest yes – bosom-y M.I.A. looking chickas sporting multi-colored onesies and holding their baby bump – but closer research revealed that this line wasn’t exactly made for the expectant mommy to be. More »

Are All Native American-Inspired Accessories ‘Offensive’?

Are All Native American-Inspired Accessories 'Offensive'?

Back in April, Jezebel posted an article titled “Feathers And Fashion: Native American Is In Style” which pondered the iffy style trends appropriated from a hodgepodge of different tribal cultures. The conclusion?

“All of these cases romanticize Indianness, blur separate traditions (as well as the real and the fake), and some disregard Indian spirituality. So, no, it’s not cute to wear a feather in your hair or carry an Indian rug clutch, it’s thoughtless and insensitive.”

But as Thanksgiving grows nearer, we decided to reopen the issue: More »

Dear Karen Owen: There’s No Point Apologizing for the F— List Now

Dear Karen Owen: There's No Point Apologizing for the F--- List Now

Karen Owen recently graduated from Duke, where she kept busy in her free time compiling a detailed list of every hot athlete she slept with. She put the results in a massive PowerPoint. And after sharing it with three friends – oops – it went viral. Jezebel has an interview with Karen, who is now embarrassed and contrite that it went public. But here’s the thing: Virality is exactly what a Power Point created to mock and rank popular men’s sexual prowess is destined for. More »

Was Jezebel’s Knee-Jerk Reaction To Blisstree’s Overweight Celebrity List Uncalled For?

Was Jezebel's Knee-Jerk Reaction To Blisstree's Overweight Celebrity List Uncalled For?

Our sister site this week wrote a piece entitled “10 Overweight Celebrities We Don’t Want to Look Like.” While the title may have been a little flippant, we wonder if Jezebel’s Sadie Stein read beyond it as the message of Blisstree’s article was far from Mean Girls. Instead Blisstree (which is a health and nutrition site) was pointing out the myriad health problems that come with being obese, including, you know, dying. And its way more common in America than the size-0 celebrities that gossip blogs mock and point to as poor role models. More »

Oh Good, Another Woman Faking Cancer For Free Stuff – We thought that young woman in Canada who scammed thousands out of her local skate-boarding community by shaving her eyebrows off was the worst, but this story of a woman upstate whose entire wedding was donated by kind businesses (dress, ring, the works) because of her pretend terminal leukemia is somehow sadder. Now her husband has divorced her and she still refuses to tell the truth. (via Jezebel)