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Gallery: Jesse James’ Crazy Tattooed Women

Gallery: Jesse James' Crazy Tattooed Women

You guys? We’re starting to think that Jesse James might have a type. And that type is heavily tattooed, heavily unhinged brunettes. Today, Jesse’s second ex-wife Janine Lindemulder was arrested for allegedly harassing the West Coast Choppers honcho. And this comes not long after Jesse’s ex-mistress, a woman named Bombshell with a white supremacist mark embedded onto her body warned his new fiance, a gal with a lightning bolt tattooed onto her face, about marrying Mr. James. Check out our gallery of Jesse’s tattooed ladies. More »

Star Shrinking: A Trip To Israel Can’t Fix Jesse James’ Pro-Nazi Problems

Star Shrinking: A Trip To Israel Can't Fix Jesse James' Pro-Nazi Problems

Jesse James, the tattoo loving, cheating former husband of Sandra Bullock just can’t get a break. First, he totally got caught sleeping with a tattooed stripper, and then he got caught cheating with more ladies. Oh, then photos surfaced of him in a Nazi hat in the Spring. And just yesterday, he got caught in a photo with another dude wearing a hat with a jaunty Hitler salute. Man, it’s such a bummer when C-list celebrities’ own stupidity keeps haunting them!

Now the History Channel will soon be airing an episode of Jesse James Blacksmith where he travels to Israel to learn the “world’s greatest blacksmith,” who also happens to be Jewish. This is either really bad – or really good timing.

According to Jesse James’ friends, he just really into “History.” But Dr. Gilda, our favorite celebrity relationship expert, isn’t buying it. She says those photos of Jesse with Nazi memorabilia can “tell us a lot about who this man is.” And what they tell us is not good. More »

Gallery: Kat Von D And Jesse James Are Irrationally Pleased With Themselves

Gallery: Kat Von D And Jesse James Are Irrationally Pleased With Themselves

We really don’t get why Jesse James and Kat Von D insist on splattering their relationship all over the news. You would think that they would realize they were the worst – or at least he is the worst, and she’s just pretty awful just by association – and would try to tone down their media appearances. But instead these two go to every event that doesn’t have a dress shirt policy and open-tongue each other. Gross. More »

Sex On the Wire: Sexual Rehabilitation

Sex On the Wire: Sexual Rehabilitation

• Paging Russell Brand: Sex addiction rehabilitation centers are on the rise ever since stars like Tiger Woods and Jesse James have used the term as an excuse for why they screwed around so much. (LA Times)

•…which in turn leads to regular girls questioning whether or not they have an “addiction.” (CollegeCandy

• Because texting your kid to stop having sex upstairs is now considered good parental guidance, why not use that passive-aggressive form of communication to break up with someone? (The Gloss)

• Another week, another horrific way to overshare your dating life: CanDoBetter is like HotorNot, except the strangers are judging your date, not you. Is that better or worse? (Lemondrop)

• Finally, a cheerleading group for science nerds! Now if only we could get a couple half-naked guys doing a routine to cheer on us bloggers… (Buzzfeed)

• Can you remain friends with benefits forever? (CollegeCrush)

• Speaking of too close: Cory Monteith farts in front of Lea Michele on the set of Glee, so you know they are BFFs. (Teen Vogue) More »

Crush Links: Michelle Duggar Will Die For Another Baby

Crush Links: Michelle Duggar Will Die For Another Baby

Lady Gaga‘s going to be on Ellen, proving our theory that Ellen has gone insane…or is vying for Oprah‘s seat. (Perez Hilton)

Jesse James is hitting back at Harvey Levin by drawing a picture of him on his new car. Maybe not such a great idea? (TMZ)

Michelle Duggar is ready for another baby and is ready to die over it. You know, if that’s God’s plan. (Celebitchy)

Lindsay Lohan‘s hair is back to orange. Biggest deal ever. (Gawker)

• Right when things seemed to be going okay for Britney Spears and her new man, the FBI starts investigating Sam Lufti. (RadarOnline) More »

Crush Links: Kazaam Returns!

Crush Links: Kazaam Returns!

Shaquille O’Neal is returning to acting with the upcoming Adam Sandler flick Jack & Jill. This marks the NBA player’s first starring role since Kazaam. (TheWrap)

• Here’s a combination that will win over both hipsters and Internet nerds alike: Google and Arcade Fire. (Stereogum)

Jesse James and Kat Von D getting gross in public. (TMZ)

Brent McMahon (who?) has challenged Taylor Lautner to a push-ups contest. I know…right? (DListed)

• Samantha Ronson’s pitbull killed a little Maltese doggie yesterday. But she’s really sad about it! (Perez Hilton)

Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim Kardashian are launching their own style line for QVC. (People) More »

Crush Links: Snooki Hookup Jeff Miranda Speaks!

Crush Links: Snooki Hookup Jeff Miranda Speaks!

Jeff Miranda, the 24-year-old former Iraq war veteran, only just met Snooki last Friday at Karma. He says, “Just kissing her was a rush. Her lips are matched perfectly to mine … I couldn’t even explain it.” And then! “She got mad at me because of my tongue ring. It reminded her of [ex] Emilio. I took it out of my tongue and threw it out into the beach. I took it right out for her.” (Us Weekly)

Bachelor Pad‘s Weatherman – and dark horse to win the $250K – has a blog! Possible spoiler alert: This means he probably won’t win – if ABC approves your blog, then you’re probably kicked out of the manse mid-season. (Life & Style)

Sandra Bullock on her status with tattooed philandering ex Jesse James: “We have both moved on.” (People)

Meanwhile, Speidi‘s divorce is “so Hollywood.” (Radar)

Claire Danes is now promoting a line of paint; to be fair, the colors are really tasteful. (UK Daily Mail)

Tiffani Thiessen, aka Kelly Kopowski, shows off her new baby on the NYC set of White Collar. (UK Daily Mail)

Demi Lovato is leading the hot hot hot pink dress trend. (MTV Style)

Before getting married last week, Hilary Duff and husband Mike Comrie signed a prenup. His family is worth some $500 million. Smart! (Page Six) More »