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‘Jersey Shore’ CliffNotes 2.4: Latent Food Fights

 'Jersey Shore' CliffNotes 2.4: Latent Food Fights

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In this chapter analysis of Jersey Shore, we’ll be examining other forms of culture that seep their way into the otherwise crystallized environment of the text. In the latest chapter called “Breaking Up,” there was an unusual emphasis on food: both the characters inability to create meals without burning down their house (See chapter 2.4: References to Talking Heads and/or Jane Eyre), and the food metaphors that arise in descriptors. More »

CliffNotes: ‘Jersey Shore’ 2.2 – Abstract Symbolism, Structure, and Ronnie’s Literal ‘Phone Book’

CliffNotes: 'Jersey Shore' 2.2 - Abstract Symbolism, Structure, and Ronnie's Literal 'Phone Book'

Introduction to the Text:
Tensions have arisen since Angelina, a Staten Island girl was aspirations of one day being famous enough to have that surgery to pop her eyes all the way back into her skull, has arrived after being exiled from the shore last season. While the men remain ambivalent, the women of the house become increasingly and overtly hostile towards the young Angelina. This leads to an exclamation of events where Snooki faces down Angelina over some purported comments about Snooki’s boyfriend, who Angelina may have called a “f******* m*****.” (See: Chapter 5.6 “Codes and riddles, unresolved”) More »

Crushable’s Best Of Last Week

Crushable's Best Of Last Week

In case you’re spending your 4th of July weekend indoors catching up on gossip (we don’t judge!), we here at Crushable have compiled a list of the best posts of the week. This way you can go back to the grind Tuesday super-knowledgeable about the hottest entertainment news, the coolest summer styles and the weirdest habits of single guys that you just can’t ignore. Enjoy! More »

She should just pack her trash bags and go — againJersey Shore cast member Angelina Pivarnick left the first season after just a few episodes, blaming abuse from fellow guidos are one of the main causes for her departure. But even though she’s with Snooki and The Situation in Miami as they film the second season, Angelina is still being abused by her roommates. “The cast has been so cruel to Angelina that MTV has been forced to step in and tell them to back off,” a source told Radar Online.