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Lindsay Lohan ‘Worried’ About Charlie Sheen

Lindsay Lohan 'Worried' About Charlie Sheen

This is just adorable: Charlie Sheen‘s latest hospital jaunt due to a laughing-induced hernia during a 36-hour drug-and-prostitutes romp caught the attention of Lindsay Lohan. She is really worried about Charlie Sheen, you guys, and in no way should her “concern” for his health be confused for an attempt to remind Hollywood that she is not the biggest screw-up celebrity this week. Here are some other people that are worried* about Charlie Sheen right now. More »

Crush Links: Kanye Be Good

Crush Links: Kanye Be Good

Kanye West promises not to run onstage at the VMAs this year. (Gizmodo)

Michaele Salahi — White House party crasher and future Real Housewife of D.C. — will be going full-frontal in a Playboy shoot this month. (TMZ)

Taylor Lautner won’t have to be doing push-ups to win the case against McMahon’s RV dealership. (Perez Hilton)

Lady Gaga‘s got herself in a bad romance with food, claims ex-manager. (Radar Online)

Terry Richardson wrote a song called “Child Molester’s Coming For You.” Uh… (Jezebel)

• “A hole is a hole” says Jeremy Piven. Does that make him gay. (DListed)

Nikki Sixx is going out with Jeremy London‘s wife. His current wife. (YourTango) More »

Crush Links: Why Is Miley Cyrus Smoking Pot And Kissing Girls?

Crush Links: Why Is Miley Cyrus Smoking Pot And Kissing Girls?

A leaked script for Miley Cyrus‘ upcoming film LOL: Laughing Out Loud reveals that Miley’s teenage character has sex, smokes pot, kisses girls and flashes her Brazilian to her mom, played by Demi Moore. (Hollywood Life)

Lourdes was spotted wearing an wristband emblazoned with a non-subtle marijuana leaf. (Radar)

Jeremy London denies having an affair with Rachel Uchitel in Celebrity Rehab. Not under Dr. Drew‘s watch! (People)

Heidi has confirmed her sex tape exists, and now she’s getting down to business to get paid for it. (TMZ)

Blind Item: Which former A-list actor is cheating on his wife, who makes him carry a tracking device so she knows where he is at all times? His assistant holds on to the device while said former A-list actor cheats. (Crazy Days And Nights)

The party guests wanted “mellow,” but SamRo decided to go all techno on them. (Page Six)

Anna Paquin shows off her sparkler. (UK Daily Mail)

Is Mariah pregnant or not? If every picture tells a story, then YES! (Popeater) More »

Jeremy London’s Behavior Before Calling The Cops The Night Of Kidnapping, As Reported By Ramada Inn Desk Clerk – “”I was at the front desk and suddenly I looked outside and there’s this grown man clawing his way up one of the (palm) trees…He kept trying to shimmy his way up but he couldn’t do it.” Jeremy then gave up, walked into the hotel, and said  “Do you know who I am? I’m Jeremy London. I need a room.” (via RadarOnline)