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Crushable Dream Cast: ‘The Giver’

Crushable Dream Cast: 'The Giver'

I’m psyched that Jeff Bridges is adapting The Giver –the first dark book you ever read — to film, and starring as the Giver himself. Lois Lowry‘s cautionary tale depicts an emotionless, seemingly utopian society with no knowledge of its history and no familial ties or love. Just as each child is assigned to a place within society, young Jonas gets the unique job of becoming the next Receiver of Memory, the person who takes on all of the community’s traumatic memories. More »

Natalie Portman Is Adorably Pregnant, Eating Again

Natalie Portman Is Adorably Pregnant, Eating Again

Natalie Portman‘s eating habits during the filming of Black Swan made us a little nervous. Especially when she started talking about how much she liked the discipline and 40 hour per week workouts necessary for playing the part of a ballerina. But now that she’s knocked up and engaged to Benjamin Millepied, it looks like she’s taking things a little easier.

And we can get over how adorable, friendly and normal she looks.
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