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Movie Showdown: Channing Tatum’s Cop Drama The Son Of No One Vs. Cam Gigandet’s Astrology Comedy Five Star Day

Movie Showdown: Channing Tatum's Cop Drama The Son Of No One Vs. Cam Gigandet's Astrology Comedy Five Star Day

You think you’re being sneaky, Hollywood, but we know what you’re doing: Releasing two movies with hunky leads and ambiguously dramatic plots on the same day (today). Channing Tatum plays a hard-edged cop in The Son of No One, while Cam Gigandet goes the romantic-dramedy angle with Five Star Day. So which one should you spend your hard-earned cash on? We differentiate between the plots, leads, love interests, and central angst to help you decide. More »

Girl Crushable: The Ladies of ‘Sucker Punch’

Girl Crushable: The Ladies of 'Sucker Punch'

So, apparently I’m the only person on the Internet who actually liked Sucker Punch. (Jennifer at TheGloss hated how strangely personal the various tortures were.) Note that I did not love it: The messages about female empowerment and male possession were at times heavyhanded and incredibly confusing. But as I said to my friends when I left the screening, “I wish I had thought up this story.” To have time to play in the world that Zack Snyder — in his first wholly original work — created would have been a thrill.

But the video-game aesthetic of the worlds-within-worlds comes second in criticism to the hyper-sexualization of the five female leads. That was the part of Sucker Punch that made me uncomfortable, because it was often difficult to tell if this blend of sultry strip dancing (more on that in a minute) and ass-kicking were for the girls’ benefit, or for the men who were invariably watching. More »