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We Found Proof That Jessa Returns For Season Three Of Girls

We Found Proof That Jessa Returns For Season Three Of Girls

Did you feel that? Did you? That was the sensation of you and your discomfort getting that much closer to hate-watching the next season of Girls. It might have manifested itself as a nervous tingle in your butt cheeks or a pinching in your teeth or an itchiness in your palms, but all those symptoms point to the same cause — they’re currently filming season three in New York City. More »

Jemima Kirke Doesn’t Love Acting, Maybe Doesn’t Love Lena Dunham

Jemima Kirke Doesn't Love Acting, Maybe Doesn't Love Lena Dunham

Of all the people on Girls aspiring actresses should feel jealous of, Jemima Kirke is definitely the shining star. Unlike her fellow celebrity offspring Zosia Mamet and Allison Williams, she had never even thought about being actress let alone tried to be one pre-Girls, and the decision to take the role was something she made with all the excitement a normal person might apply towards choosing whether to watch The Real Housewives Of New York or The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills on any given night. More »

What Will Lena Dunham’s $3.5 Million Book Deal Buy?

What Will Lena Dunham's $3.5 Million Book Deal Buy?

It’s official: following a feverish bidding war, Lena Dunham has sold her “advice” book to Random House for some undisclosed amount over $3.5 million, the last reported bid. That’s a lot of bathtub cupcakes! Like most TV critics, I tend to conflate the real Lena with Hannah Horvath, as well as all the other characters on Girls. Hence, I give you: 12 desirable items from the Girls-verse that $3.5 million could buy a lot of. More »

10 Ways Girls Could Write Jemima Kirke’s Pregnancy Into The Show

10 Ways Girls Could Write Jemima Kirke's Pregnancy Into The Show

As you may know, actress Jemima Kirke, who plays the free-spirited (and newly married!) Jessa on HBO’s Girls, is currently pregnant with her second child. As Girls is shooting its second season right now, it seems like she’s going to be visibly pregnant for at least part of the time she’s working on the show. I doubt they’ll write her pregnancy into the script (Lena Dunham can’t write about experiences she’s never had, remember?), but wouldn’t it be neat if they did? Here are some scenarios viewers might find preferable to having Jessa acquire a sudden fondness for muumuus. More »