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22 Celebrities Who Make My Fireworks Go Off

22 Celebrities Who Make My Fireworks Go Off

Since I’m positive that we’ve now formed a judgment-free, impenetrable trust circle, I feel comfortable admitting that I’m too terrified to ever handle fireworks (I also am very fond of all ten of my fingers, so there’s that). That’s why my favorite kind of celebrity is the kind who is so smokin’ hot that they could literally set a firework off. Here are the 22 celebrities who make my fireworks go off. Is that a sexual euphemism or do I literally carry around fireworks and ask random celebrities to set them off for me? No one really knows for sure. More »

Jason Sudeikis Doesn’t Know If He’ll Return To SNL, So That’s Really Helpful

Jason Sudeikis Doesn't Know If He'll Return To SNL, So That's Really Helpful

He confessed this on The View, where Barbara Walters was all, “What the hell’s going on with you and SNL, dude?” And Jason was all, “Blah blah blah non-answer, blah blah blah.” And Barbara was all, “You better answer my question, good sir,” and Jason was all, “I sincerely don’t know at this point.” That last quote was real. The other ones just happened in my head. More »