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Crushable’s Ultimate Lazy Day Playlist

Crushable's Ultimate Lazy Day Playlist

I’m pleased to inform you that today is National No Housework Day. I KNOW! Doesn’t it just give you the burning desire to not dust something? I could be wrong, but I think that if anyone sees you folding laundry or adjusting couch cushions or (heaven forbid) vacuuming today, you’ll be arrested on the spot. And that’s one rule I’m very happy to follow. More »

Celeb Roundup: Who Got Engaged Over The Holidays?

Celeb Roundup: Who Got Engaged Over The Holidays?

‘Tis the season for Christmas inequalities: Us regular folks get coal in our stockings and stockings in our gift bags, while the rich and famous get Lexuses and engagement rings. While we don’t have any stats on the stars who woke up to shiny new cars in their driveways, we do know who got betrothed over the holidays. Take a look at our gallery and prepare for a new lineup of 2011 celeb weddings. More »