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Interview: James Newman Never Acted Before Starring In MTV’s ‘Skins’

Interview: James Newman Never Acted Before Starring In MTV's 'Skins'

James Newman is an 18-year-old kid from New York who’s about to make his acting debut this coming Monday as the star of MTV’s Skins. Skins has been called “the most dangerous show for teens” by the Parents Television Council, and James’ character is at the center of the controversy. He plays Tony Snyder, a devious, pill-popping pretty boy who’s accustomed to getting everything he wants (and he certainly does want a lot). We got a chance to chat with James about how he got his highly unusual start in the business and even managed to find out his celebrity crush.

You were in high school when you were cast in the role of Tony, right? How did you end up with the coveted part?

Yeah, my senior year was ending when I got cast. I had never acted at all. Not even acting class or a play, so I obviously didn’t have any aspirations. But my brother was an actor and he found out about the audition and goaded me into go in. I didn’t want to do it, actually. More »