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Titanic 3D Is So Worth Seeing In Theaters

Titanic 3D Is So Worth Seeing In Theaters

Should you go see Titanic 3D in theaters? Hell yes. Better yet, do IMAX so you can experience the thrilling dive to the real shipwreck, the opulence of the fake ship, Rose’s selfishness, and the sinking with new eyes. I don’t always agree with James Cameron, but he was completely right in re-releasing this classic movie in 3D. More »

Comparing The Titanic: 3-D Trailer With The Original Titanic Trailer

Comparing The Titanic: 3-D Trailer With The Original Titanic Trailer

With the re-release of James Cameron‘s Titanic, 15 years after its original release date and rendered in 3-D, we have the rare opportunity of seeing how a studio reevaluates its marketing strategy for a beloved film. For what it’s worth, the 3-D doesn’t really translate in the new trailer. Obviously it’ll show up on the IMAX screen in 2012, but for now it seemed as if this were just the original trailer, but sharper.

How wrong I was. More »

What’s Up With All the 3D Movies?

What's Up With All the 3D Movies?

First it was a handful of computer animated films. Then it was most computer animated films. Then it was a handful of live action films. Then Avatar happened, and ever since then, nearly every single big-budget action-y movie that has been released has been in 3D.

What the hell’s up with that?

Let me get the record straight: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with 3D movies– as long as the 3D bit is essential to the story being told. The big problem I’ve been having lately is that more and more, the use of 3D technology in filmmaking is becoming a gimmick or a trend, rather than an actual technique. The question I keep asking is whether or not the 3D element is actually doing anything to enhance the films it’s being applied to– and mostly, I don’t think it is. More »

Kate Winslet’s Nude Drawing from ‘Titanic’ for Sale

Kate Winslet's Nude Drawing from 'Titanic' for Sale

Record-breaking romance Titanic launched the careers of its stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, and gave director James Cameron the means to begin work on what would become the even more record-breaking Avatar. And what was it that made Winslet and DiCaprio stars? It could’ve been “I’m king of the world!” or “I’m flying, Jack.” It could’ve been the incredible special effects that went into the sinking of the Titanic. But it was probably Winslet’s nude scene. More »

James Cameron will make Avatar 2 & 3 next – The director has finally agreed to take on the sequels to his blue-bodied blockbuster. He plans to begin working on the scripts early next year. Maybe he’ll have invented 4D technology by then? (OMG)

This Guy’s Really Into ‘Avatar’

This Guy's Really Into 'Avatar'

A Typepad blogger named Ray Knowles just got his seventh Neytiri from Avatar tattoo — but unfortunately none of them are in 3D. Just to be on the safe side, we’ve decided to request a restraining order on Zoe Saldana‘s behalf. (Although somehow there’s a wedding ring on this guy’s finger, so maybe he’s just really into Na’vi blue?)

Hey, we bet we can guess what Ray’s favorite movie is! (Last Tango In Paris.)
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