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Jennifer Lopez’s Demands Are So Annoyingly Pompous She’s Been Replaced By Pitbull

Jennifer Lopez's Demands Are So Annoyingly Pompous She's Been Replaced By Pitbull

Sometimes I just want to say “thank you” to celebrities for making my job so easy.  This is one of those times. Jennifer Lopez was “in the running” to perform for the opening ceremonies of India’s Premier League cricket tournament (which doesn’t sound like anything even remotely lucrative, but reportedly comes with a viewing audience of 60 million people, so…yeah) but has now been completely dropped because of her insane demands in exchange for her performance. More »

Conspiracy Theory: Jennifer Lopez Is Holding Out for More ‘American Idol’ Money

Conspiracy Theory: Jennifer Lopez Is Holding Out for More 'American Idol' Money

Although the tenth season of American Idol produced another lackluster winner, the ratings for the show have remained strong. A lot of that has to do with the stunt casting of new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. However, J.Lo is playing coy about whether she’ll be back for season 11. It’s likely that she only signed a one-season contract, and the show isn’t above canning female judges after just a season or two (see also: Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres). But I think there’s another reason J.Lo is claiming to be “on the fence” about coming back – money. More »