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‘Fringe’ Producers Tease Details of the Season 3 Finale: Third Universes, Character Death, and Whether There’s An End in Sight

'Fringe' Producers Tease Details of the Season 3 Finale: Third Universes, Character Death, and Whether There's An End in Sight

Fringe has spent its third season with one foot in the prime universe and one foot in the parallel universe, with the Fringe Division dealing not only with unexplained mysteries in their own world, but with Fauxlivia impersonating Olivia (Anna Torv) to get close to Peter (Joshua Jackson), all part of a plan masterminded by Walternate. In a conference call last week, Fringe showrunners J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner discussed how excited they are to get picked up for a fourth season, and what mysteries will be solved in the May 6 season finale. More »

The ‘Super 8′ Trailer Will Eat You Alive

The 'Super 8' Trailer Will Eat You Alive

The first full trailer for the hotly anticipated J. J. Abrams project Super 8 has been released, and I’ve got to say, it’s looking pretty exciting! Ever since Lost, Abrams has become increasingly preoccupied with the strange and unusual, with the resulting projects (especially Cloverfield and Fringe) pushing the envelope a little more each time. It’s unclear whether Super 8 is a monster flick or an alien flick–perhaps it’s a little of both– but whatever it is, it’s shaping up to look fascinating indeed. Take a look here: More »

This Week’s Best Of Crushable

This Week's Best Of Crushable

Unless you spent the whole week watching the premieres of every single episode of everything on TV this week, you may have missed some stuff. (Hopefully not The Event! How can you miss The Event??!) Between Glee, My Generation, The Office, 30 Rock, Boardwalk Empire, Undercovers, Going Wilde, The Good Guys, and…a bunch of other stuff either making their debut or coming back on air, it was hard to keep track of all our old friends and new characters. Luckily, Crushable is here to help. Here’s what you missed: More »

J.J. Abrams Presents ‘The Secret World of Alex Mack’

J.J. Abrams Presents 'The Secret World of Alex Mack'

I’m gonna say it: I miss being average. I know, I know, you guys would say, “Sweetie, you’re beautiful, and so smart!!” OK, scratch the smart part—we all know Annie has that covered. But I doubt even my parents could call me beautiful if they saw me melting into silver puddles and shooting lightning out of my fingers. I miss being normal. I mean, things only changed like…seven months ago.

Here’s some advice: Don’t piss off a truck driver. Especially when his name is Rusty Nail and he’s driving a tank filled with chemicals. I didn’t know! It said “Slusho!” on the side, I thought it was some new energy drink.
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