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The Daily WTF: iSwarovski Crystals

The Daily WTF: iSwarovski Crystals

Ah yes, this reminds us of our favorite old idiom, “Don’t judge an iPad by its cover, unless its cover is actually 12,000 Swarovski crystals, in which case it is most certainly owned by a lunatic.” Korean company Crystograph is selling these crystal-covered Apple gadgets. The iPad comes in both crystal and black diamond versions, while the only iPhone option is the jeweled version seen above. More »

David Hockney’s iPhone and iPod Sketches Are Awesome

David Hockney's iPhone and iPod Sketches Are Awesome

Over the two few years, pop art superstar David Hockney has been creating drawings on iPhone (and then later his iPod) and sharing them with friends. The digital sketches depict flowers and beautiful landscapes with beautiful layers of texture and light. The series just scored a show at a Paris gallery titled Fleurs Fraîches (Fresh Flowers), where the images are displayed on Apple’s electronic devices. (Talk about an expensive frame!) More »