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‘Interview’ Throws Party For James Franco’s ‘Book’

'Interview' Throws Party For James Franco's 'Book'

Last night at the James hotel, Interview Magazine and James Franco — two of the most overexposed entities in “culture” — joined together to promote Palo Alto, the collection of short stories by James that he wrote while earning one of his 1,000 degrees. You remember, it’s the book with the story they published in Esquire, that had the line “the shadows make it shadow-color“? Yikers. Even having the party at a place called the James now seems like some sort of weird, inside joke that even Franco’s other personalities aren’t finding funny any more. What was the scene like? Our insider had the scoop: More »

Naomi Campbell: Monster Slayer

Naomi Campbell: Monster Slayer

We tend to think that Naomi Campbell as the phone-throwing, frightful diva whose behavior towards her assistants has warranted her more jail time than Lindsay Lohan. But Interview magazine revealed in this month’s issue that the model is actually doing public service every day, deep in the bowels on New York’s sewer system where she systematically hunts down and destroys those bat-people from The Descent. True story! More »