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11 Classic Movies That Are In Desperate Need Of Sequels

11 Classic Movies That Are In Desperate Need Of Sequels

Hollywood LOVES a sequel. And a remake. And an adaptation. And basically anything that will make a lot of money. Sometimes it’s just a direct-to-video follow-up, sometimes it’s a critically acclaimed improvement on the first film. It’s become pretty hard to find a movie that doesn’t have a sequel at least in the works, so it’s surprising to discover a classic that hasn’t been followed up on. More »

Video: ‘Inception’ in 60 Seconds

Video: 'Inception' in 60 Seconds

Don’t have time to sit through all of Inception? Try this 60-second version instead! Virgin Radio 95.3 in Vancouver recently held a “Fake Film Festival” in which they invited listeners to submit fan-made versions of well-known films. The results are pretty hilarious in general, but this minute-long Inception takes the cake. Highlights include the slow-motion van sequence, the infamous Joseph Gordon-Levitt hallway fight, and the genius casting of Cobb’s kids. Check out what went on behind the scenes at the group’s deviantART page, and catch the rest of the fake film entries here. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRWWWWWWWWW!

(That was the Inception noise. Just in case that wasn’t clear.) More »

Video: Watch 5 Years of the RiffTrax Team Mocking New Movies Like ‘Twilight’ and ‘Inception’

Video: Watch 5 Years of the RiffTrax Team Mocking New Movies Like 'Twilight' and 'Inception'

Mystery Science Theater 3000 was something that, growing up, I was embarrassed to tell my friends about, because it seemed so obscure and inexplicable: A guy imprisoned on a space station and forced to watch awful movies builds robots to help him keep his sanity by mocking them. But it was hilarious, right? Wondrously funny — and the only way that my generation even saw bad B-movies.

MST3K isn’t very well-known these days, since it got cancelled before the new millennium. But then along came RiffTrax: Same personalities (Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett), new and recent movies. And it’s incredible. More »

Unexpected Places to Find David Bowie

Unexpected Places to Find David Bowie

Weird confession: I find David Bowie endlessly fascinating. Somehow, over his long and impressive career, he’s managed to make himself into something more than just a guy who happens to make really good music: He’s actually become a concept. This is a terribly impressive feat; it’s the same reason I’m so interested in Lady Gaga and Freddie Mercury. But beyond his essential Bowieness, Bowie has the additional strange ability to pop up in places you’re not expecting him to be. I don’t know how he does it. It’s like magic. And you’d think I would have stopped being surprised by this by now, but I haven’t. It still gets me every time. Interested in going Bowie-hunting? Here’s a hand guide to the unexpected places you might be able to find him: More »

Video: An ‘Inception’ Reception

Video: An 'Inception' Reception

Ever since Inception came out, it’s been a trend to Inception-ize the most common, everyday things: Cats, My Little Ponies… and now wedding receptions. The Mary Sue recommends that you watch this video at least until the 1:30 mark. They are absolutely correct. And before you ask, yes, this IS from someones ACTUAL WEDDING RECEPTION. Furthermore, they did, in fact, arrive by helicopter. Just make sure to keep an eye on that spinning top.
More »

Video Gallery: The Best of ‘My Little Pony’ Pop-Culture Mash-Ups

Video Gallery: The Best of 'My Little Pony' Pop-Culture Mash-Ups

Once upon a time, I saw one of the funniest mash-ups in the history of funny mash-ups: The “Madonna” speech from Reservoir Dogs laid over a scene from a My Little Pony cartoon. Alas, this piece of hilarity seems to have vanished, for I can no longer find it, which means that sadly, I cannot share it with you, Gentle Readers. However, in its stead, I offer these other mash-ups, in the hopes that they may provide you with much jollity and good feeling. Lord of the Rings? Got it. Scott Pilgrim? Got that, too. How about some Michael Bay? Come on down! Welcome to the Internet’s Best My Little Pony Mash-Ups! More »

15 of the Best Pop-Culture Peep Shows

15 of the Best Pop-Culture Peep Shows

No, not THAT type of peep show! I’m talking about Peep Show V, the fifth annual Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest. In an astonishing display of creativity, this contest features the most intricate dioramas imaginable, made– you guessed it– with Marshmallow Peeps. The winner, chosen last week from a batch of 35 finalists, featured a depiction of the dramatic rescue of 33 mine workers in Copiapo, Chile, last October, but we here at Crushable HQ can only imagine how difficult it must have been to pick one winner. To our great pop-culture-loving joy, there were a terrific selection of pop-culture themed dioramas in the final 35; so just in time for Easter, here are our 15 favorites! More »

Video Gallery: The Best of ‘The Room’ Parodies

Video Gallery: The Best of 'The Room' Parodies

Do you remember your first time? I know I do: it was during my second year of grad school at the beginning of a theatrical production and design class. We were all gathered around a large table in a conference room, preparing to discuss our hypothetical proposals for hypothetical productions of A Doll’s House and The Threepenny Opera. Then John opened up his laptop, booted up YouTube, and just said, “Guys. WATCH THIS.”

We watched.

We were dumbfounded.

IT WAS SO. BAD. More »

Why Sci-Fi Films Never Win Best Picture at the Oscars

Why Sci-Fi Films Never Win Best Picture at the Oscars

It made a huge splash over the summer; it sparked many a heated debate, both in the world and on the internet; it made a soul-wrenching “BRRRRRRRRRRRRRWWWWWWWWW” noise that we all felt coming up through the floor from miles away… There can be no denying that Inception was one of 2010′s Important Films. Innovative in myriad ways, it’s one of those movies that film students will undoubtedly study for years to come. And yet, there’s an issue, and that issue’s name is Oscar. Though Inception took many of the technical awards this year (as well it should have), after Sunday’s ceremony, it will now join the ranks of such films as A Clockwork Orange, The Exorcist, Jaws, Star Wars, E.T., District 9, and countless others: all well-made, well-written, gripping, smart films that stood little to no chance at the “serious” awards like Best Picture. Why? It’s a science fiction film. Again: Why? Try this: When you get down to it, sci fi films are mostly about ideas, and therein lies the problem. More »

Gallery: Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Acting’ Comprised Entirely Of Old-Timey Clothes

Gallery: Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Acting' Comprised Entirely Of Old-Timey Clothes

This picture above is actor/former cute guy Leonardo DiCaprio dressed like J. Edgar Hoover from the upcoming biopic J. Edgar. What, you couldn’t tell how amazingly well he embodies the former head of FBI? He’s totally method right now! Look at that vest! And that starched shirt! Why, if I didn’t know any better, I would think that the controversial government figure had been reincarnated right in front of me. Well, either him or Howard Hughes, who Leo portrayed by dressing in a very similar outfit and doing his hair in completely the same way (until Hughes went crazy and grew dreads, that is). More »