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Art Crush: The Best Celebrity Art From BlueWater Comics

Art Crush: The Best Celebrity Art From BlueWater Comics

f you’ve never heard of BlueWater Comics, don’t get your Batman panties in a twist. Most comic nerds overlook the oeuvre of the graphic novel company, which produces series about celebrities (under its FAME line), politicians (Political Power), and famous women (the Female Force series). So basically, if you love reading comics not because anything interesting happens in them, but because regular stories are too hard to read without the pictures, then BlueWater is for you.

The latest issue from the BlueWater catalog is The Royals: Prince William and Kate Middleton. And though you’ll have to wait until March to read the highly engaging story of two people who looked like they’ve been airbrushed by some guy working at the t-shirt store on the Boardwalk, we’ve compiled a whole gallery of our favorite celebrity renditions for you to enjoy right now! More »

Illustrious Illustrations: The Web’s Most Awesome Hand Turkeys

Illustrious Illustrations: The Web's Most Awesome Hand Turkeys

If there’s one Thanksgiving tradition we look forward to every year it’s the presidential pardon of the hand turkey. Wherein our commander-in-chief looks over an array of festive drawings and selects one to take down from the Oval Office mini fridge, thereby saving its creator a season of embarrassment. Because hand turkeys are goofy, right? If you’re a grown-up human being and not a toddler, that is. So we decided to look outside the fist and found some creative interpretations of the illustrious hand turkey genre.
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Illustrious Illustrations: Kanye West Vs. Taylor Swift Fan Art

Illustrious Illustrations: Kanye West Vs. Taylor Swift Fan Art

Kanye West is sick of hearing about the Taylor Swift thing, you guys! Unfortunately for him, the world isn’t quite recovered from its “Imma let you finish” fever. In honor of Mr. West’s tweetspolosion and the Kanye/Taylor parody porno that’s reportedly in the works, we thought we’d add fuel to the fire with a fan art battle. Take a look at our gallery and vote for the pop star you think has the most talented devotees. More »

Illustrious Illustrations: Ariel Schrag’s Cartoons

Illustrious Illustrations: Ariel Schrag's Cartoons

Ariel Schrag is a cartoonist who draws autobiographical graphic novels chock full of wide-eyed versions of the people in her life. Her book Potential, which chronicles Ariel’s (drama filled!) junior year at Berkeley High School, is being developed into a major motion picture. Also a TV writer, Ariel is currently staffed on the jeans-and-tees-centric HBO show How To Make It In America and penned scripts for Seasons 3 and 4 of The L Word. Ariel also writes an epically hilarious web comic with her friend, comedy dude Kevin Seccia, called Ariel and Kevin Invade Everything. More »

Illustrious Illustrations: Best Of ‘Mad Men’ DeviantART

Illustrious Illustrations: Best Of 'Mad Men' DeviantART

We often find ourself doodling Don Draper’s chiseled face on notebooks and napkins, but it never looks all that much like Jon Hamm (or Dick Whitman for that matter). But there are some folks out there with both the Mad Men fandom and the artistic skills to bring Don, Joan and Pete to life. We went through DeviantART and picked out some of the best Mad Men-inspired illustration currently gracing the web. More »