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15 Lesser-Known ‘Batman’ Villains Who Are Cooler Than Catwoman

15 Lesser-Known 'Batman' Villains Who Are Cooler Than Catwoman

The fact that Anne Hathaway will be playing Selina Kyle, AKA Catwoman, in The Dark Knight Rises is old news. Now, I dig Catwoman as much as the next villain fanatic, and I get that she’s sexy as hell, but I mean, really: Haven’t we seen enough of her already? The introduction of Bane , on the other hand, (Inception’s Thomas Hardy), is more exciting, as are all of the rumors flying around about Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Here are our votes for lesser-known Batman villains that should be brought into the films and who we think should play them. More »

Spotlight: Asobi Seksu

Spotlight: Asobi Seksu

Here’s the latest video from Asobi Seksu, Transparence of the Album Hush. The vocals right. That’s Yuki Chikudate the umph in the New York premiere dream pop band. Heavy guitars, sounds kinda showgazey, we love it. Originally tiled Sportfuck, the band changed … More »