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April Fool’s Day Is The Annoying Dentist Of Comedic Events

April Fool's Day Is The Annoying Dentist Of Comedic Events

Dentists get a bad rep. Partly because they pull things out of your mouth that generally want to stay attached to your face in an often painful way. But also because many of them have a tendency toward sharing really terrible jokes. And when you’ve got a bunch of cotton in your mouth or a man wielding massive needles near your face, there’s really nothing you can do about that.

And so that gets us to today, April Fool’s Day, whereby anyone and everyone who feels so inspired, can make up ridiculous stories and ideas and then gaffaw uproariously when you confuse the sentences that they’ve strung together as truth. April Fool’s Day is what happens when the world turns into a smelly breathed dentist who makes you sigh through the exposition of a joke until he* weezingly get around to the punchline, which is always the same: Just Kidding! More »

Don’t have a job? Join Sean Penn in Haiti!

Don't have a job? Join Sean Penn in Haiti!

Last night at Huffington Post’s celebration of its 100 Game Changers, we bumped into Sean Penn, who was asking people to donate to his Haitian charity, the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization. “What about young people who may not have the money to donate? What can they do to help?” I asked him, worried that I might be given the Tara Palmeri treatment and be forcibly removed from the premises. More »

Huffington Post’s Standards Don’t Apply to Lindsay Lohan Coverage

Huffington Post's Standards Don't Apply to Lindsay Lohan Coverage

We’re not here to judge anyone’s business model, especially one as successful as The Huffington Post. Ever since the 2008 election, the site’s widely been considered one of the top news outlets in the country, which is an incredible feat considering that it’s a blog. We even forgive Arianna Huffington for the frothier parts of the site, like the Entertainment section that often reads like Us Weekly meets But when we saw this full-page scrolling ad today for Mark Ecko, in which readers could enter for a chance to make a video with Lindsay Lohan, it was the final straw. More »

The Solo Shots That Are Too Awkward For Awkward Family Photos –
Most likely your local mall is just awful, as most malls are. But you know when you have to go and you see that guy getting his picture “professionally” taken right there, out in the open? Yeah…these are those guys. (Via Huffington Post)