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5 Ways To Survive Holiday Limbo

5 Ways To Survive Holiday Limbo

What do you call this nebulous period between Thanksgiving and Christmas break? The December Slump? Vacation on ice? Finals? Whatever name you choose to give it, this in-between time between breaks always sends us into a funk. Post-turkey but pre-presents: these two weeks or so of early darkness, cramming for work/school, and general blah-ness can be a real killer if you don’t know how to deal. Here are our 5 simple steps for making your holiday limbo a little more cheery. More »

Good Cover of “Holiday”

Good Cover of "Holiday"

Young musician Bianca Gisselle posted a cover of Hilary Duff’s new song, ‘Holiday’, to YouTube. It’s a really fantastic cover of Hilary’s song, so I wanted to share it with you. Bianca has a very beautiful and easy-to-listen-to voice and … More »

“Holiday” Lyrics

"Holiday" Lyrics

Love Hilary Duff’s new song, “Holiday“, as much as I do?! Well, here are the lyrics. According to Wikipedia, “Holiday” was written by Hilary Duff with help from her sister Haylie and by Ryan Tedder. Tedder produced the track. Part … More »