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Five Jobs We Think Joaquin Phoenix Should Take

Five Jobs We Think Joaquin Phoenix Should Take

Yesterday, the whole Joaquin Phoenix ex-actor/rapper/beard-having-person thing was finally revealed to be a hoax — something we called 5 minutes into the screening of his and Casey Affleck’s infuriating “documentary.” Casey explained that Joaquin’s so-called freakout was nothing more than a bit of self-indulgent performance art. Thanks for wasting our time, Joaq! Now that J.P.’s traditional acting career has gone beer-belly up, we thought of five jobs he might want to consider taking:

Birthday Party Clown: Joaquin Phoenix with a clown nose, Joaquin Phoenix with polka dots, or even just Joaquin Phoenix with a beard and a pair of stupid sunglasses. I would hire the shit out of this guy to come entertain my drunk pals in Williamsburg.

Weight Watchers Spokesman: Mr. Phoenix packed on some weight for his little charade, and lost it just as quickly. If he’s going to be fluctuating his poundage so frequently, he might as well make some money off it. He and Jared would look cute together.

Life Coach: “Um, yeah. Just don’t do what I did and you’ll be fine.” More »

Whiteboard/Farmville Hoax Pepetrated By ‘True Blood’ Deputy

Whiteboard/Farmville Hoax Pepetrated By 'True Blood' Deputy

If you, like us, somehow managed to miss the hubbub yesterday surrounding the young woman who emailed 30 pictures of herself with some dry-erase messages about her boss around the office…don’t worry, it all turned out to be a prank by the guys at this website TheChive. TheChive is kind of like TheOnion, we guess? Except that no one can really tell when the duo running the site (brothers Leo Rezig/Resig and John Rezig) are joking. Or even how those two spell their last names. But the best part? More »