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The Most Romantic Movies Of Our Time

The Most Romantic Movies Of Our Time

What is it about romantic movies that have us dragging our friends and loved ones to the theaters, renting them off Netflix, and wearing out the DVDs with repeat viewings? These tales of star-crossed lovers — or best friends whose affection grows into something deeper — give us hope that we can have it, too. Not the kidnappings, letters from the grave, or time travel (though those would be fun), but the enduring, can’t-be-without-you love that powers each of the outlandish plots that we adore.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s a list of our picks for the Most Romantic Movies Of Our Time. For the most part, I tried to pick more recognizable romantic comedies and dramas from the ’90s and ’00s, but there are a few ’80s stragglers. (I promise they’re worth it.) More »

Video: ‘Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli’ and 24 Other Amazing Improvised Scenes in Film

Video: 'Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli' and 24 Other Amazing Improvised Scenes in Film

A few months ago we highlighted the best instances of enforced method acting — when directors surprise actors into reacting naturally. In the same vein, you have this great video that’s been making its rounds on the Internet today: Twenty-five standout scenes or lines from famous movies that were totally unscripted. Here, the decisions belonged to the directors or the actors; in many cases, stars like Heath Ledger and Matt Damon were given free reign with how they filled the time. More »

Snap This: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Teaser Poster

Snap This: 'The Dark Knight Rises' Teaser Poster

Last night I found this teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises floating around Twitter — starting the promotion early since Christopher Nolan‘s latest Batman film doesn’t come out til next summer. While the posters for 2005′s The Dark Knight could use the Joker (Heath Ledger) and Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) to hype up the movie, this one seems more focused on the city of Gotham itself. As EW pointed out, the way that the infrastructure is crumbling resembles Nolan’s last big movie, Inception. More »