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Watch the Evolution of Ryan Reynolds’ Abs

Watch the Evolution of Ryan Reynolds' Abs

Ryan Reynolds hates talking about his abs, but lucky for us, they just keep getting bigger! He may try to throw us off the track by writing his own bio in EW, but we won’t be deterred. As Reynolds gets shaped into the next big action star, his stomach muscles get shaped into ever more chiseled rows of awesomeness. But he wasn’t always this way. We’ve tracked down some of his earliest roles, when his abdominals were just a twinkle in some studio head’s eye. Watch the evolution, and thank your lucky stars for action movies. More »

Celebrity Lookalikes: Rufus Sewell and Mark Strong — How to Tell These Movie Villains Apart

Celebrity Lookalikes: Rufus Sewell and Mark Strong -- How to Tell These Movie Villains Apart

Mark Strong and Rufus Sewell have it bad enough that they look like brothers: They’re both swarthy guys with craggy faces, piercing stares, and chilling sneers. But the fact that both primarily play villains in period films? That’s the pits. Here’s your guide to figuring out which one is the warlord, knight, or alien from your favorite movies. More »

How to Outfit Yourself Like a Superhero

How to Outfit Yourself Like a Superhero

So you want to be a crime fighter, eh? Capes, tights, aliases, arse-kicking? Well, if you’re going to get the job done, then obviously you’re going to need the gear with which to do it. Don’t know where to begin? Have no fear! Here, we’ve assembled for you some of the best superhero swag out there, making your job just that much easier. Here’s what your going to need: More »

Crushable Books: 6 Things We Didn’t Know About ‘Constructing Green Lantern’

Crushable Books: 6 Things We Didn't Know About 'Constructing Green Lantern'

There’s only two weeks left until the release of Green Lantern, which means only two more weeks to sit and wonder whether it’s going to be awesome or awful. However, awesomeness or awfulness aside, it DOES look like it has some pretty snazzy special effects and an impressive production design. We got to take a look at the making of the film, thanks to the new book Constructing Green Lantern: From Page to Screen landing on our desks recently. Written by Green Lantern’s researcher and asset manager, Ozzy Inguanzo, the book goes behind the scenes and delves into how the production team built the world of Green Lantern from the ground up. Here are six neat things we learned about the making of the film: More »

Fan Service: The ‘Green Lantern’ People Send Out the Coolest Merchandise

Fan Service: The 'Green Lantern' People Send Out the Coolest Merchandise

A huge perk of being an entertainment blogger is of course getting to see the movie or TV show in question before anyone else. (I got to go to an advance screening of Watchmen in 2009, and I lorded that over my friends.) But even more special is getting treated like you’re the studio’s number-one fan, with awesome freebies like this box of upcoming Green Lantern merchandise that a ComicsAlliance writer received. Join me in wading through the goodies after the jump. More »

Video: Green Lantern and Thor Duke It Out

Video: Green Lantern and Thor Duke It Out

Hey, guys, guess what? It’s almost summer. And you know what that means: Superhero movies! Naturally, Marvel and DC are competing for the same audience, and this time round, Marvel attempted to get a head start by releasing Thor in May. It ns therefore somewhat unfortunate that Thor has thus far been getting panned; but Green Lantern, set for June, may not come out much better. But that aside, what’s the best way to decide which is the better comic? A fight to the death, of course! With action figures! More »