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Kristen Wiig Is GQ’s ‘Bro Of The Year,’ So Why Is She Posing In Lingerie?

Kristen Wiig Is GQ's 'Bro Of The Year,' So Why Is She Posing In Lingerie?

For the past couple days, GQ’s been awarding “Men of the Year” prizes to various celebs as part of their annual issue, and surprise!, there are several women included in the batch. Mila Kunis grabbed the “Knockout of the Year” award, and comedy star Kristen Wiig has been designated the magazine’s “Bro of the Year”… meaning what, exactly? The designation is fraught with contradiction, and it doesn’t help that Kristen poses for the mag in lingerie and a tuxedo jacket. More »

Kellen Lutz Covers GQ in His Undies, Girls Across America Faint

Kellen Lutz Covers GQ in His Undies, Girls Across America Faint

I’ve been putting up a lot of photos of attractive men today. Plus, Fashion Week’s coming up soon and male models are wandering outside our offices, hopping around from casting to casting. All of this is to say: you should all probably envy me and the (very important) stuff I do for work — like troll around for photos of Kellen Lutz shirtless on the cover of GQ Australia. More »

Why Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs’ “Funny/Sexy” GQ Spread Bothers Me

Why Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobsâ âFunny/Sexyâ GQ Spread Bothers Me

Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs star respectively as the characters Annie and Britta on NBC’s Community. As part of a stellar crew supporting Joel McHale’s Jeff Winger, they offer two of the funniest and most likable female characters on TV. I think the actresses are immensely talented, and every article and interview I’ve read portrays them as a pair of genuinely charming and pretty rad ladies. However, this photo shot for GQ very much rubs me the wrong way.
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Questionable Choices: The Situation Does Air Splits For GQ

Questionable Choices: The Situation Does Air Splits For GQ

Mike The Situation Sorrentino is obviously ripped. And the “Situation” of his abs may be the majority of the reason he’s become such a famous personality. But we’re at a loss when it comes to this shot of Mike doing air splits for December’s GQ Men Of The Year spread. (And we mean spread literally, as you can see.) What do you think: Is this image of The Sitch flattering or terrifying?
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Love It Or Leave It: Anna Faris’ Sparkly Casual

Love It Or Leave It: Anna Faris' Sparkly Casual

Surprise! There were women at GQ‘s “Men of the Year” party as well. We just haven’t mentioned that so far, because, well, hot dudes are distracting! Of all the looks from last night, Anna Faris‘ stood out the most. Individually, we love both pieces Anna’s wearing here — the shimmery top is awesome and we want to own those sparkly shorts. But we can’t quite figure out how we feel about them as a pair. More »

The Hottest Dudes From GQ’s “Men Of The Year” Party

The Hottest Dudes From GQ's "Men Of The Year" Party

Earlier this week Ryan Reynolds was named the “sexiest man alive” by People Mag, and we were like whaaat? He’s not even in our top hundred! But GQ‘s “men of the year” are more our style. Last night’s party was attended by a range of winning dudes, from Community‘s Donald Glover to model Douglas Booth to James Franco and his creepy new mustache. And there was nary a Ryan Reynolds in sight. so cheers to you, GQ. More »

Readers Respond: ‘Glee’ Christmas Photo Creepier Than GQ Spread

Readers Respond: 'Glee' Christmas Photo Creepier Than GQ Spread

Last week we had to gargle our eyeballs with Listerine after seeing Matthew Morrison and the cast of Glee posed for a holiday photo in what has to be the world’s gnarliest sweaters. There was something so creepy, so off-putting about that image that we found it 100 times more offensive than that supposedly raunchy GQ shoot that lead to so much controversy over the appropriate skirt levels of Lea Michele and Dianna Agron. But we put it to a vote, and you guys responded overwhelmingly: More »