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These 5 Celebrities Made GQ‘s List Of ‘Least Influential People’, But Shhh Don’t Tell Them That

These 5 Celebrities Made GQ's List Of 'Least Influential People', But Shhh Don't Tell Them That

I don’t know where the hell I’ve been, but I had no idea GQ compiled an annual list of least influential people.  I mean, what a great idea!  The possibilities are endless.  Of course the list wouldn’t be complete without political and media figures, but my favorite people on the list are the celebrities we talk about regularly here at Crushable. More »

Hot Shot: Ewan McGregor Flashes His Baby Blues In GQ

Hot Shot: Ewan McGregor Flashes His Baby Blues In GQ

Remember how handsome Ewan McGregor was in the nineties? If anything, the 40-year-old actor has gotten even comelier since then, and he’s got a new spread in GQ to remind us. Also: one of those “Jimmy Darmody” (I refuse to call it a “Hitler youth”) haircuts everyone seems to be rocking these days. Click through for four more photos’ worth of handsomeness and some fun facts from the interview. More »

Kristen Wiig Is GQ’s ‘Bro Of The Year,’ So Why Is She Posing In Lingerie?

Kristen Wiig Is GQ's 'Bro Of The Year,' So Why Is She Posing In Lingerie?

For the past couple days, GQ’s been awarding “Men of the Year” prizes to various celebs as part of their annual issue, and surprise!, there are several women included in the batch. Mila Kunis grabbed the “Knockout of the Year” award, and comedy star Kristen Wiig has been designated the magazine’s “Bro of the Year”… meaning what, exactly? The designation is fraught with contradiction, and it doesn’t help that Kristen poses for the mag in lingerie and a tuxedo jacket. More »