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The 3 Guys You Meet On Internet Dating Sites

The 3 Guys You Meet On Internet Dating Sites

Cole Stryker recently posted an only semi-offensive list of the 11 types of girls who populate dating sites ( a subject which the author has much experience with, clearly), including ladies such as the “Twitard: a lady who is looking for “Someone willing to skip all of Comic Con so he can wait in line with me to have my boob signed by one of the lesser Weasley’s.” There are also such specific archetypes as the “homeschooler” (gross dude, maybe type in an older age range?), the Sex Kitten and the “Carrie.”

Are we talking about dating profiles here, or just dudes fears of women in general? But fair is fair, and while we ourselves have sometimes dabbled into the world of online dating, we came up with our own list of guys who frequent dating sites. Unfortunately, our list was much shorter.
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Hef’s Girlfriends Make Milkshakes

Hef's Girlfriends Make Milkshakes

Arguably the most well-known girlfriends in the nation (well, outside of Tiger’s troubled relationships), the three girlfriends of Hugh Hefner were at Millions of Milkshakes in L.A. this weekend to create some custom concoctions. The three blonds, 23-year-old Crystal Harris … More »