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The Daily WTF: Coughin’ Coffin Tissue Box

The Daily WTF: Coughin' Coffin Tissue Box

I’m a chronic hypochondriac, meaning that every sharp pain, headache or sniffle I experience is a sign that I’ll be dead by morning. What helps me get through life with this nagging sense of panicked mortality hanging over my head is taking deep breaths and banning myself from WebMD. What absolutely does not help is investing in a tissue box shaped like a coffin. That ghosty may be cute, but he’s most definitely not for me. More »

RIP Patrick Swayze

RIP Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze has succumbed to his heroic battle with pancreatic cancer. Swayze was probably best known for his roles as Johnny in “Dirty Dancing” and of course, the hottie ghost in “Ghost” with Demi Moore. Here’s what his management folks … More »