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Crush Links: Check Out Gerard Butler In A Wet Suit

Crush Links: Check Out Gerard Butler In A  Wet Suit

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Trailer Recap: Machine Gun Preacher

Trailer Recap: Machine Gun Preacher

There exists the story of an American man who found Christ, renounced his degenerate ways, and opened a Sudanese orphanage where three hundred war victims currently live. Hollywood distilled that story down to two hours, and this trailer compressed those two hours into three minutes.

This man to whom the story belongs is named Sam Childers, but I’m going to call him Gerard Butler because of the fact that here, he is played by Gerard Butler. The trailer opens on a motorcycle so that we can instantly understand the rebellious nature of Gerard Butler, who, in slicked-back hair and an earring, walks through glass doors basked in the halo-like glow of $200,000 worth of studio lights. In voice over, he says, “I’ve done a lot of things that I ain’t proud of.” More »