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Love, Laugh, Links: Ryan Gosling’s Character In The Notebook Might Be Perfect, But He’s Not Real… Sorry!

Love, Laugh, Links: Ryan Gosling's Character In The Notebook Might Be Perfect, But He's Not Real... Sorry!

• The best way to stay friends after college is to have skype dates every SINGLE DAY, which I’m totally fine with. (The College Crush)

Taylor Swift wears Keds like it’s her job. Ooohhh, wait, that’s because she has a Keds line coming out this fall. Can’t wait T-Swift.  (OK Gorgeous)

• Apparently, Jay-Z’s new album just tells us how rich is his… something we already knew years ago. (Flavorwire)

• How did I miss Emma Watson’s The Bling Ring Tumblr? Was Hermione involved? Was there a selfie of Hagrid? Please, tell me yes. (Betty Confidential)

• We’ve all seen Nicholas Sparks films or maybe read the books, but yeah, I’m pretty sure a Ryan Gosling look-a-like will NEVER walk into my life or climb a ferris wheel to ask me on a date. (Your Tango)

• Do you want shiny hair? No way, me too! Here’s how to get it! (Gurl)

• If I ever get married, I totally want to keep my maiden name. Here’s why! (The Frisky)

• Need summer makeup tips? Here’s how you can look awesome for every, boiling summer day. I need everything on this list!  (Ladyish)

• What’s this? George Clooney and Stacy Keibler split? I thought they’d be together for like for all of eternity??  (ET Online)

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As If Space Wasn’t Scary Enough Already, The First Trailer For Gravity Is Out

As If Space Wasn't Scary Enough Already, The First Trailer For Gravity Is Out

If you somehow managed to make it through elementary school astronomy lessons and all those movies about comets hurtling towards Earth without developing a fear of outer space, first of all, congratulations. But second of all, the first official trailer for the new movie Gravity might just do the trick. Because not only is it about space; it’s about being lost in space. Alone. More »