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The Olsen Twins Wore Custom High Fashion Clothes As Babies In Case You Wanted Their Lives To Be More Ridic

The Olsen Twins Wore Custom High Fashion Clothes As Babies In Case You Wanted Their Lives To Be More Ridic

While you were busy spending all of your days idolizing DJ Tanner for her feathered bangs and ideal bedroom, you were missing out on wishing you had Michelle Tanner’s wardrobe. Because those teeny tiny clothes were actually from high-fashion luxury brands, whose names you still sometimes have to think twice about how to pronounce before you say them out loud. More »

12 Times Uncle Jesse Should’ve Had Child Services Called

12 Times Uncle Jesse Should've Had Child Services Called

On the slight chance that the CNN alert did not show up on your phone this morning, you should know that it’s John Stamos’ 50th birthday. And let me be the first to say it (on on this date) that’s he looking finer than ever. However we would be remiss in our journalistic duties if we didn’t address the elephant in the room: his role as Uncle Jesse on Full House. Despite all that he’s accomplished in recent years on Lifetime, we have to talk about all the times he should’ve had child services called for his poor treatment of the Tanner girls. More »

12 Things I Don’t Understand Because I Didn’t Watch TV in the ‘90s

12 Things I Don't Understand Because I Didnât Watch TV in the â90s

I wasn’t really exposed to pop culture until the year 2001. That’s the year I started high school and could start making my own choices to a small degree, but up until that point, I was subject to the wishes and whims of my parents. Who, as Oregon residents, were much more interested in me reading books and climbing things than sitting in front of a television and collecting pop culture references to discuss with my fellow children of the ’90s. Curse you, active parenting. CURSE YOU and here is a list of twelve things you have stolen from me. More »

’90s Characters Who Should Have Had A Spin-Off Together

'90s Characters Who Should Have Had A Spin-Off Together

Up-and-comers Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande share a birthday today. Jennette is turning 21, and Ariana is turning 20. They also star in a new Nickelodeon crossover show called Sam & Cat. These circumstances were certainly too perfect too ignore, so I got to thinking about my own favorite shows as a youngster, and I realized there were a lot of ’90s characters I would have loved to see in a spin-off together. So I put together this handy list to imagine what those shows would be like. So behold seven dream spin-offs starring some of the most iconic characters from ’90s shows. More »

Just Several ’90s Shows I’m Embarassed to Admit I Found Funny

Just Several '90s Shows Iâm Embarassed to Admit I Found Funny

Can we get weird up in here for a second? Yeah? Okay. So you should know that a television set raised me. Sure you would never guess that if you met me and saw how well I maintained eye contact. But it’s true. It fed me a healthy diet of ’90s sitcom reruns every single afternoon after school. Except on Fridays. Oh how we celebrated on Fridays! Can I get a TGIF up in here? As a child I loved the TV, unabashedly. More »

Danny Tanner And Topanga Are In A ’90s Nostalgia Feud You Didn’t Ask For

Danny Tanner And Topanga Are In A '90s Nostalgia Feud You Didn't Ask For

I know you woke up this morning thinking about your days watching TGIF on ABC and wondering why the restaurant TGI Friday’s had to name itself that and give you a side of “realizing you’re not a kid anymore” with your mozzarella sticks. I know you also probably started thinking about how there aren’t enough feuds between the cast members of those classic shows. More »