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10 Years After Freaks And Geeks, Sarah Hagan Is Still Playing Teenagers, This TIme On 90210

10 Years After Freaks And Geeks, Sarah Hagan Is Still Playing Teenagers, This TIme On 90210

We’ll always hold a special place in our hearts for Freaks and Geeks, so imagine our delight when one of the show’s alums appeared on The CW last night: Sarah Hagan, who played Lindsay’s awkward childhood friend Millie Kentner. Sarah’s long, freckled face is easily recognizable, and (unfortunately) she was playing the same character: A shy geek prone to blurting out reasons why she’s terminally uncool.

But more than a decade after Freaks and Geeks ended, Sarah’s playing a college freshman on 90210. What gives? More »

Boyfriend of the Week: Jason Segel’s TV Characters

Boyfriend of the Week: Jason Segel's TV Characters

[*Note: for the time being, this column will go over to a monthly format while I spend some time Arkansasing with my actual boyfriend, Brent.]

I think it’s pretty normal to have romantic fantasies about a type of person you wouldn’t realistically want to get romantic with. You’ll hear a lot about women who have burglar fantasies, but they don’t actually want a guy to break into their home. John Mayer thought it would be fun to go out with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and vice versa, before cruel reality descended In the same way, I have a thing Jason Segel’s needy, obsessive television characters while also recognizing that I would want to murder all of them if they were my boyfriends in ordinary life. More »

Listen To Childish Gambino’s (Donald Glover’s) New Song ‘Freaks And Geeks’

Listen To Childish Gambino's (Donald Glover's) New Song 'Freaks And Geeks'

Donald Glover, Community star and Spider-Man-wannabe, has a second career as a musician, rapping under the name Childish Gambino. He’s released a track from his upcoming EP, and it’s really good! Plus it’s called “Freaks and Geeks,” and that show was like the Community of the late 90s. Bonus points if you catch the Black Swan reference on the first listen. More »