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The Crushable 25: Will Your Athletic Crush Make It On The List?

The Crushable 25: Will Your Athletic Crush Make It On The List?

We’re working to track down the 25 Most Crushable Guys Under 25. Right now, our intrepid reporters are combing through all the talented (and hot) actors, musicians, athletes and media personalities who are 25 and under and making their mark on the world today for Crushable’s second annual list. Choosing from such a talented pool of men hasn’t been easy. (For reference, see who made last year’s list here.) But we’re determined to narrow down the competition using a number of factors (not least of which includes a contender’s unique “Crushable Quotient”).

Now, we’re stumped on which of these five insanely talented (and hot) athletes to include on our list. You can cast your vote below and the winner will be our Reader’s Write In athlete. (You’ve already helped us choose your favorite Internet sensation and favorite musician.) So will your crush make this year’s list? Tell your friends to vote, too, and make it happen. Read on to find out more about each choice.

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Should Brian Kelly, Notre Dame’s Football Coach, Be Fired?

Should Brian Kelly, Notre Dame's Football Coach, Be Fired?

It’s easy to make a man into a monster with a narrative like Brian Kelly: he’s a first-year football coach at a top-tiered athletic school who already has the blood of two young students on his hands. But because of his great track record leading his teams to victories, Brian has yet to reprimanded by the school, though his behavior regarding these two deaths has made more than one journalistic outlet call for his resignation and queston the school’s ethics this week. More »

Notre Dame Student Dies Taping Football Practice

Notre Dame Student Dies Taping Football Practice

Declan Sullivan, a 20-year-old at Notre Dame college, fell to his death after 50 mph winds collapsed the hydraulic lift tower where he had been taping the school’s football practice, for which he was a student manager. At least, that’s what the story is so far: the government is investigating the details of the student’s death, as well as to why the Fighting Irish team had been outdoors that day to begin with, when similar weather conditions forced them to practice indoors the day before. More »

College Life: The Idiot’s Guide To Tailgating

College Life: The Idiot's Guide To Tailgating

I arrived home from my trip to visit a massive, football-loving state state school this weekend with what looked like a black eye that could have been the result of being punched in the face, or falling off a bike.

I had previously been of the opinion that partying was the easy part of the collegiate lifestyle. Such perceptions changed when I returned from visiting my friend. Tailgating a football game, or so I learned the hard way, can be a taxing affair for the uninitiated. More »

Across the Pond: The Fight For the Liverpool FC

Across the Pond: The Fight For the Liverpool FC

Ria Tessia is our British correspondent. Twice a month, she brings us updates on culture across the pond.

What has been your biggest extravagance to date? We’re generally a little more prudent with our spending in this somewhat uncertain economic climate. Not everyone is being cautious. Next time you think about buying that pair of Louboutin’s that you just can’t afford, don’t feel too guilty. Allow your mind to wander from those coveted shoes to John W. Henry, who is imminently due to spend £300K ($478K) on a single purchase. Money of this kind is small change to Henry, co-founder and principal owner of New England Sports Ventures and parent company of Boston Red Sox baseball team. Granted, Henry is a billionaire and you’re probably, well, not. That does not detract from him using his acute business acumen to spot an investment opportunity (any excuse to shop I say). More »