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Azealia Banks Threatens To Sit On Kreayshawn’s Face In Twitter Feud

Azealia Banks Threatens To Sit On Kreayshawn's Face In Twitter Feud

Rising hip hop star Azealia Banks has a lot going for her: an awesome single/music video, a just-announced slot at Coachella, and a facility with words that’s already drawing comparisons to hip hop greats. However, she must be a little bit green at the internet, because as of yesterday she had yet to learn one of its key rules: do not pay attention to anything Kreayshawn says or does, ever. More »

Crushable Quotable: What’s Going On Between ‘Scream’s’ Kevin Williamson and Bob Weinstein?

Crushable Quotable: What's Going On Between 'Scream's' Kevin Williamson and Bob Weinstein?

As you may have gathered from our many Scream-related posts this week, Scream 4 comes out on Friday. Those who celebrate the return of ’90s nostalgia, rejoice! But there has been a dark side to this most joyous of reunions, and I’m not talking about blood-soaked stabbings: Even though the creative team behind Scream 4 has been traditionally hush hush about the plot of the film itself, what HAS been emerging is that screenwriter Kevin Williamson and Dimension Films producer Bob Weinstein had a falling-out of some sort during the its creation. Weirdly, though, the details are, shall we say, a bit underdeveloped. What gives, guys? Let’s take a look at the evidence: More »