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15 Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

15 Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

To be fair, wardrobe malfunctions happen to all of us. They’re just funnier when they happen to celebrities. So what are we going to do about that? Laugh, of course. Heartily. You’ll notice that Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears are absent here; this is largely because I’m pretty convinced their numerous wardrobe malfunctions are intentional and therefore not funny. What you WILL find here, though, are 15 cases of celebrities unexpectedly doing valiant battle with their clothing. Sometimes they win; sometimes they lose; but either way, everyone can have a good laugh about it the next day. Carry on!

(Oh, also, this gallery is slightly NSFW, in case you hadn’t guessed.) More »

Questionable Choices: Fergie Wears a Black Flag Shirt

Questionable Choices: Fergie Wears a Black Flag Shirt

Great, now we’ve gotten it into heads that there needs to be a Black Flag/Black Eyed Peas supergroup. The Black Eyed Flags, obviously. Henry Rollins will sing “Big Girls Don’t Cry” while Fergie sits on stage and cries. Seriously, what the hell is she doing wearing this thing?

“Thirty-five dollars and a six-pack to my name, and also millions of more dollars and some Cristal.” More »

Sweet Repeat: Celebs in Drop-Crotch Pants

Sweet Repeat: Celebs in Drop-Crotch Pants

So drop-crotch pants seems to be the trend that won’t die, and we’re sort of coming around on them. (Yes, we call them drop-crotch pants, not harem pants, because they makes you look like you’ve literally dropped your crotch. So clumsy!) Now that spring has sprung, we’ve been seeing the baggy-bottom look everywhere. Check out the celebs who’ve opted to go the way of fallen lady part pants. More »

Crushable Quotable: Will.I.Am Hates ‘My Humps’ Too

Crushable Quotable: Will.I.Am Hates 'My Humps' Too

I think that The Black Eyed Peas are responsible for many of the most annoying songs in the world, and now someone else agrees with me – the band’s frontman Will.I.Am. In an interview, he explained that when the band was first getting big he felt obligated to play their radio hits, but now that they’re huge stars or whatever he realizes that “My Humps” isn’t his masterpiece and he resents playing it. Yeah, and I resent listening to it, dude. More »

Crushable Books: Taboo’s ‘Fallin’ Up: Keep It On the Positive’

Crushable Books: Taboo's 'Fallin' Up: Keep It On the Positive'

Taboo (real name: Jaime Gomez) is best known as “the guy in the Black Eyed Peas who isn’t Will.I.Am and kind of dresses like Neo from The Matrix.” So when a copy of his memoir, Fallin’ Up, landed on my desk, my immediate reaction was “Why?” But reading the book has given me some insight into who Taboo is and actually made me respect him. While his own story is interesting – he grew up Latino in East L.A., had a kid young, and met his future BEP bandmates when they were doing rap and B-boy battles – it’s, sadly, the parts of his book about other celebrities that are the most interesting. More »

Gallery: Bullseye Fashion

Gallery: Bullseye Fashion

Generally when you go out to a fancy event, you don’t want to look like a moving target. Then again, most celebrities don’t hang out with Dick Cheney, so they’re probably safe. Still, we have to wonder why so much fashion seems to be inspired by an archery board these days. More »

Celebrity Lookalikes: AMA Dresses And Spirit Birds

Celebrity Lookalikes: AMA Dresses And Spirit Birds

The American Music Awards aired last night, and as promised the Backstreet Boys were back. As were superstars like Justin Bieber, Fergieand Katy Perry, who took the stage to perform for an eager nation. But, um, it just us or did everyone sound a little off? Our musician friend theorized that the guy in charge of monitoring the artists’ ear mics was screwing up, and we’re not qualified to do anything but nod, take his word for it, and get to work commenting on the crazy outfits. Speaking off: As pop’s boldest and brightest walked down the red carpet last night we couldn’t shake the feeling that were we actually watching a show in the aviary house at the Bronx Zoo. From Rihanna‘s cardinal-esque monochrome to Ke$ha‘s hoopoe-like mohawk, America’s celebs were channeling their inner bird all the way to the podium. More »

Crush Links: Not Much of A ‘Situation’ In the Pants Department

Crush Links: Not Much of A 'Situation' In the Pants Department

• A nightclub promoter hit The Situation where it really hurts…in his very tiny groin area. (DListed)

Rachel Bilson: Sunglass blogger. (TheFrisky)

• RIP Tony Curtis: The Some Like It Hot actor passed away yesterday in Las Vegas. (TMZ)

• Seriously guys, a Munsters remake? Well its better than the Monopoly movie, I guess. (Jezebel)

• Man, Nicole Richie isn’t giving anything away about her upcoming (?) marriage to Joel Madden. Not like we care… (PopSugar)

• On the other hand, Jon Hamm is hung like an ox. We knew it! (OMGBlog)

• Before Fergie, Josh Duhamel would do background checks on ladies before he agreed to dinner. (Betty Confidential) More »

Weird Perfume Review: Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Nights

Weird Perfume Review: Jessica Simpson's Fancy Nights

How unexpected: While reading a magazine over the weekend, I stumbled upon an advertisement for Jessica Simpson‘s new fragrance, called “Fancy Nights.” Unlike some other celebrity perfumes, this one smells wonderfully unique and not too sweet: It’s musky, sensual and I rubbed the advertisement – complete with a “smell me!!” insert – all over my arms. Yes, I fell in love with Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Nights; and no, this is not an advertisement! So I Googled an online review, and what I discovered blew my mind. More »