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Sex On the Wire: Women’s Mags Are Porn, Basically

Sex On the Wire: Women's Mags Are Porn, Basically

• How long should sex last? 15 minutes, average…but you already knew that, right?(College Candy)

• Is Cosmo the same as Hustler? Feminists says “yay.” (The Frisky)

• Hey we’re all turned on all by the smell of gasoline, right ladies? (Nerve)

• You ever wondered what kind of girls likes having sex with fat guys? (Lemondrop)

Snooki‘s finally found a man that’s not going to try to propose to her on a cover of a national magazine! (Celebuzz)

• Don’t get mad that your guy has female friends…it’s only natural. (Your Tango)

• Try virgin creme to make your lady parts tighten! (The Gloss) More »