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Confession: I’m a 30-Something Man Addicted to Teen Dramas

Confession: I'm a 30-Something Man Addicted to Teen Dramas

I’m a man who deeply values his dignity. I cling to it, actually. I won’t dance, I don’t sing in public, and I refuse to drink through straws. It’s a cloak I wear; one that I imagine protects me from the crippling judgment of my community. In reality, dignity is just another word for conformity; it’s a way for society to determine what is, and what isn’t acceptable behavior. For a man my age (let’s just say early thirties and leave it at that), dignified pursuits include resume building, home-ownership, procreation, and participating in fantasy sports leagues. Unfortunately I do none of these things. In fact, one of my most cherished pursuits would be considered decidedly undignified by society at large. I am a man (in his early thirties as previously stated) who’s addicted to teen dramas. More »

Gallery: The 10 Hottest WB Characters

Gallery: The 10 Hottest WB Characters

Here’s a question I never know how to answer: “What’s your type?” I mean, how do you respond to that without seeming like a totally judgmental jerk? So I usually say that I don’t really have a type, but secretly, I know it isn’t true. Thing is, I totally do have a preferred variety of male, and it’s the boyfriend characters from the heyday of The WB. Jess from Gilmore Girls, Ben from Felicity, Eddie from Dawson’s Creek: beautiful, secretly sensitive bad boys who totally, like, read books and stuff. So here they are in gallery format, those prime examples of my type: the ten dreamiest WB characters of all time. More »