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Gallery: America’s Hottest Cinema Superheroes

Gallery: America's Hottest Cinema Superheroes

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to look good in nipple-baring fetish gear? Hell yeah, we’re into superheroes. And while some may say that it feels a little wrong to call Superman “hot” (we’re all into the messed up Bruce Wayne and Tony Starks nowadays), the truth is that those icy blues that Christopher Reeve sported as Kal-El could melt a heart made of kryptonite.* More »

Jessica’s Hot Co-Stars

Jessica's Hot Co-Stars

Jessica Alba has a beautiful baby girl, a gorgeous husband, and a career any girl would die to have! But there’s another reason we are so envious of her!    Paul Walker, Co-Star in Into The Blue You guessed it … More »