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Video Gallery: 9 Cool Things Fans Have Made With ‘Portal’

Video Gallery: 9 Cool Things Fans Have Made With 'Portal'

I realize that I tend to write about Portal a lot– A LOT a lot– but there’s just so much good stuff floating around out there regarding it that I just can’t help myself. There’s Companion Cube soap. There are real-life talking turret plushes. There are awesome covers of the awesome in-game songs. The list just goes on, and on, and on– and here, it goes on again. Fans of the Portal games are some of the more creative fans out there– it’s actually quite a credit to Valve Software that they’re able to create game mythologies that people get this into– and subsequently, they put out some of the most astounding fan projects based off their beloved source material. Some of them are hackers and programmers; some of them are storytellers; and some of them are comedians; but all of them are worth taking a look at. Here are some of the coolest things fans have done with Portal: More »