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I Wish We’d Had the ‘Firefly’ Anthem When I Was a Browncoat

I Wish We'd Had the 'Firefly' Anthem When I Was a Browncoat

I’ve resisted watching YouTuber Actor Pat‘s “The Browncoat Anthem,” because I thought it couldn’t possibly be an intelligent, witty, non-cringe-inducing rap. But it passes all those tests! This is a geek song that I’m proud to favorite on YouTube, that I’d happily tweet and pass along to friends. You can tell Pat’s a true fan from how he sets up the whole thing, starting with the aesthetic: He’s rocking Jayne’s very fine hat, and you might have spied Wash’s dinosaurs perched on his keyboard. Then there’s the wordplay — excellent rhymes, and he manages to cram in a couple dozen references without ever losing the beat. More »