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Crush Links: Is Plastic Surgery In Gwyenth Platrow’s Future?

Crush Links: Is Plastic Surgery In Gwyenth Platrow's Future?
  • You won’t be seeing Taylor Momsen back in Gossip Girl — or any other shows for that matter. (Hollywood Hiccups)
  • Julia Roberts and her hubby enjoyed a romantic moment on the beach while in Kaui. (Have U Heard)
  • KISS pulled from the performance list for Michael Jackson tribute tour. (Hollywood Hiccups)
  • Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock on a hike with baby Louis. (Have U Heard)

Thanksgiving: The Pot-Smoker’s Holiday

Thanksgiving: The Pot-Smoker's Holiday

Thanksgiving is coming up in two weeks, which means for most of us it’s time to pack all our dirty laundry for mom to do, stock up on Valium, and head home to see the family. As you grow older though, something strange happens: Thanksgiving is no longer about listening to your parents fight with your grandma, or the last minute rush after the oven stops working and you need to put the turkey in the neighbor’s stove. No, Thanksgiving has been deemed the official holiday made possible by marijuana. More »

Video: How to Explain to Your Family What You Do For a Living

Video: How to Explain to Your Family What You Do For a Living

After you graduate college, you may decide to travel the road less taken. You know what that means: no temping for you, you’re going to start your own tech business, or become a graphic illustrator, or perhaps a taxidermist. And your parents? Well, they might fall into that category of which Will Smith once rapped about.

And in the off chance that your parents don’t just “understand” why they threw $40k down the hole so you could apply for grants to put on your gallery show of menstruation dollies, you don’t have to feel alone anymore. A new web documentary series called “How to Explain It To My Parents” showcases 5 abstract artists trying to explain to their parents what they do for a living. The results are…sort of what you’d expect. Watch this first episode between micro-brewer Arno Coenen and his father. Awwwwkward! More »

VIDEO: Guys Reveal Whether They’ll Like You If Their Mom Doesn’t

VIDEO: Guys Reveal Whether They'll Like You If Their Mom Doesn't

Last week, the Crushable editors took a stab at answering the questions guys wanted to know of us, but this week we’re back at it with the men. We’ve asked three guys — Darcy, Keith and Dave — for their thoughts on sleepovers, your snoring (“I think it can be cute”) and whether its important for you to have a good relationship with your family (“I think it’s important, because I want to have a good relationship with her family, too”). More »

101: Advice For Coming Out

101: Advice For Coming Out

There are a lot of things that we find hard to reveal to our parents, family and friends. Coming out as gay is probably the biggest one, right up there with teen pregnancy and any other lifechanging event. It’s undoubtedly a difficult discussion to have, and one that many gay teens put off because they are afraid how their loved ones will react. But if it’s something that you’re contemplating, we have some advice on how to approach it. More »